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Going Green

Pacific Energy Corp. is a responsible leader in the energy industry. In step with a worldwide campaign for a “greener” and healthier environment, the company plans to offer biodiesel fuels from the Renewable Energy Group.

Biodiesel is an advanced form of biofuel, which offers the following benefits:

· A low carbon composition makes it a good replacement for imported petroleum-based fuels.

· Biodiesel effectively lessens harmful greenhouse effect emissions.

· Unlike traditional heating oil, biodiesel is non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable within months. Fossil fuels take millions of years to produce.

· Biodiesel’s ongoing mass production provides a cost-efficient solution for a “greener” environment. In addition, it helps boost the economy of struggling rural communities.

· It is a sustainable fuel resource, with the capacity to reduce the life cycle of carbon monoxide emission by 78% and around 50% to 80% from the greenhouse emissions.

· Biodiesel can largely reduce various exhaust emissions by 10% to 20%.

· The Mine Safety and Health Administration supports the use of biodiesel, as a proven and safe renewable resource that reduces dependence on foreign oil products.

· Switching to biodiesel is simple!

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